Steven J Struhar

Trumpet Performance : Software Development : Software Testing
Music Education : Education Technology

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I've got the skills that you need on your team!

With experience in a wide variety of industry positions, I can make the difference you are looking for in your organization. Software Quality, Customer Focused Product Management, Web and Desktop Application Development, and personal relationships are the important components of my experience that make me stand out from the average guy.

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Quality Development

My experience in testing means my code has been tested and works as you expect it to; with craftsmanship.

On the Move

Always learning new skills and synthesizing expertise. I didn't stop with merely one Bachelor's Degree.

Up to Date

Staying on top of the action with new technologies and new testing techniques. Angular/Protractor, Java, Groovy, Grails, C#, Selenium, more...

Full of Passion

I love the work, and that means you can rely on me.

Where I Have Worked

Music Education
Westwood Community School
7-12 Band Director 1997-2003
113th Army Band - Fort Knox, KY 2003-2006
Music Technology
MakeMusic Inc. 2006-2011 and 2012-2014
QA Engineer
Product Manager
QA Manager
Education Technology
EMC Publishing Development Manager 2011-2012
Education Technology
Infinite Campus QA Analyst II 2014-2016
Test Analysis Engineer 2017-2019
Software Engineer 2019-present
Information Security Tooling
NetSPI QA Engineer 2016-2017

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